If you have been told that to participate in the commercial credit arena you need a DUNS number from Dunn & Bradstreet then you are being misled.  Dunn & Bradstreet is merely a small factor in today’s complicated capital markets.

Rescore America is about the purity credit. It is not a replacement of any other business credit scoring process in America.  We aggressively and pro-actively seek your success, building trade lines that will achieve substance in your commercial portfolio, establish a payment plan per invoice that functions within your industry on wholesale/retail credit limits.  We are an enhancement of all collected processes in the commercial credit rating business.  As a member of the Rescore America system, you will be among millions of small businesses that depend on each other through the extension or offers of goods and services to guarantee the success of American business.  Competition works.  Fear of failure should always be in our minds, but never a factor to place in our souls the fear of risk essential to human economic growth.  What is business credit?  The promise of the use of goods, services or production for the better life of a fellow enterprising American.  The first thing we need to explain is the Rescore America Scoring Matrix.


We set the risk in our scoring matrix, “A” being the lowest risk factor to “E”, such as a construction industry servicer.  All factors are set in-house after your application is submitted.  We also implement a base score of 1000 just for taking the risk of being in business and that variable number goes to 5000.  The weighted average works similar to the FICO scoring process except it fluctuates more to your company’s risk factor and how durable your business is through difficult periods.

Most commercial credit systems do not give an accurate picture of your business success and ability to pay.  The first priority of Rescore America is to place the risk level of your industry.  Typically a small LLC in the services area offering consulting has a relatively small risk factor that we will label “A’.  A construction company with multiple employees could risk an “E”.  There are other variables such as dependency on payments through government contracts, or the timeline for payments to flow through your business.  We at Rescore America believe there is a greater necessity for a scoring process in commercial lines of credit than for personal credit scores.  Personal scores are based upon payment history, business scoring take multiple factors into its equation beyond just the ability to pay including an assessment of vulnerability factoring in risk factors of your industry.  This important element is the most essential factor judging not just your company’s credit score, but also your potential for growth if your business is positioned properly with suppliers.

Get your Rescore America number free simply by sending a request.  We will handle the rest and offer your company a designed contract that works to your needs.  Our consulting department is top rated and accomplished in helping company out of serious debt issues. Our service places your company back into the good graces of current creditors and we achieve positive relationships with new creditors for you.  We establish your business trade lines as part of our contractual arrangement.  We are aggressive and hands-on in a business climate that needs direction from an organization called Rescore America.

Enrollment Fee:

$599.00 + 1-2-3 Year contracts.  We will design the contract based upon the data we receive and after we assess the level of service required.



Why does a small business need Rescore America before it starts looking for business credit?  There is no longer separation of personal- and business credit.  Nearly all business credit is indemnified personally and your personal credit rating is essential.  We at Rescore America know that it’s unfair.  You can establish a healthy business credit rating and separate your personal matters from business affairs, but the national banks, leasing companies and most wholesale/retail operations will, without question, demand to examine your personal spending habits.  Late payments on credit cards, vehicles and mortgages inevitably damage your chances.  Realize that all credit is important in building a business.  There are exceptional credit repair operations in the United States, and we strongly recommend one called “America’s Greatest Credit Repair Expert” or www.agcre.com.

Rescore America, through contractual arrangement, will enhance your business portfolio by building your business credit. Several factors are necessary before we can call the profile complete:

A full application listing all criteria requested such as legal business name, type of business expertise, business listing confirmations such as internet content, website address, physical location (s), direct contact numbers, licenses obtained and posted with state jurisdiction, revenues over past three (3) years if applicable, tax returns on comprehensive plans or when necessary, bank references, etc.  We do not pull your business scores as a Dunn & Bradstreet if one does exist.  You will find that even if there is a current Dunn & Bradstreet, our aggressive and thorough process can only enhance your position in the business credit community.

THE RESCORE AMERICA SYSTEM – We achieve a credit reporting relationship with not just your current creditors but also with creditors we establish for you.  Our research of your particular industry yields the level of risk your company carries and the best process on working with your creditors that gives a true picture of how your business operates effectively.


Rescore America tracks all invoice transactions and gives notice as to the date said invoice must be paid.  If an invoice is paid on time or early, the matrix moves upward, however if your company is over burdened with a great deal of short term debt (which is necessary in times where businesses are waiting for payments), the matrix adjusts accordingly.  The level of forgiveness depends on the risk factor of your business.

There is no company in America that understands the importance of business credit more that Rescore America Corporation.  Our system is hands-on and takes the development of business credit seriously. You have a right to have your business payment history used to achieve better credit immediately.  If your FICO scores are determined even by the usage of recently acquired credit, then why should business credit be any different?  Remember this one important aspect on credit:


BUSINESS CONSULTING – If your business has potential but struggled through the recession, we can be of service.  Our consulting department has negotiated over $120,000,000.00 in business debts and some personally responsible debts.  We can not only negotiate your position in the credit community to a better place, but help re-establish your business rating completely.


We assign a derivative of what your credit risk factor should be, based upon historical input of the industry, probability of a bankruptcy happening, the political factors of maintaining the business, the % of funds being on hold or withheld, etc.

Credit does not build new customers if you join RSA, we build your business credit for you.  We have an long term interest on all aspects of our company, and they give advantages are hugely in your favor.

Rescore America takes into consideration your business payment history and your personal credit history is a huge factor.  We build your business credit while simultaneously assuring your connected personal credit history is intact.  We negotiate the payment terms of your business credit needs, set up accounts, maintain payment histories, post a business matrix score that is posted on the internet, and set up the facilities of your business expansion.

We build your credit based upon geographic and demographic means. 

BUSINESS VEHICLE LOANS – Rescore America is about to become one of America’s leaders in commercial vehicle loans, loans that only show a payment history with Rescore America, not with the three reporting agencies for personal credit.  This will be a huge element in the separation of personal and business credit, an element that causes more damage to a person’s personal credit rating than what can be justified.

Your Rescore America score is free to any lending/leasing entity, and can at your option be reported free of charge through our website.



With Com-Cred you get the following services on building out commercial credit:

  1. We will through your permission with a limited power of attorney make contact with your wholesalers, retailers and credit vendors.
  2. We will establish your payment data-base history up to the past three years only.
  3. We will ascertain the risk factor of your business to request a fairer payment arrangement on future payment, and maintain a new payment history based on a new arrangement where applicable, and request a payment history on invoice specifically.
  4. We will pull a payment history with Dunn & Bradstreet and Experian Business Services to review where your history has hindered your business credit development.
  5. Within 90 days we will establish your true credit rating based upon the Rescore America ® Matrix that shows the weighted average of your debt ratio to credit limits.
  6. We will after your established matrix request credit limit increases and new trade lines accounts within your industry. Additional applications may be necessary for newly established creditors that will require your office approval.

All commercial lines for equipment will require an additional compensation agreement that will be negotiated upon written approval only.


Your credit rating matrix will appear on the Rescore America ® website and upon approval blogged on various other websites.  If you earned an excellent credit rating, you might as well show it.