Commercial debt has accumulated into the collection process in the hundreds of billions (if not trillions) of dollars. In consumer debt industry terms this is considered “zombie debt.” Does this mean the American business community simply gave up? Of course not!  Thousands of new lawyers pass the bar annually in the United States and a significant portion all chase the same dollars in the collection industry whether personal or commercial debt.  This feeding frenzy in the long run creates a dismal atmosphere for the business community to make a come-back.  Most debt collectors have no stake in the business community other than the collection of a fee.  Collection lawyers simply drive up bankruptcy filings.  We believe Rescore America ® is that solution to this crisis.

“The greatest part of negotiation is the process of misdirection.”   

What exactly does this mean?  Great negotiators know the answer.  A collection process is only winnable when every party leaves the negotiation table feeling they won.  In the case of a small business, owner(s) want a chance to redeem credit standing.  Doing so requires knowledge of how the system works.  Everything is tied into a business credit rating, including your personal credit.  To this end there are no exceptions!

We were recently retained by a mid-level construction company in shambles with over $750,000.00 in unpaid debts, mismanaged accounts receivables, and a horrific payment history with more than thirty vendors.  Though this company had an expert enterprise, there was simply too long a wait on payments on to their accounts which meant many of their 30-day invoices could not be kept.  The primary reason they were not cut off from credit was due to the longevity of their business and their personal relationship to vendors. This company could not aspire to expand its bond rating and increase their bond from $350,000.00 to $3,000,000.00, which would be necessary for bidding state and federal jobs.  Their payment history on leasing was terrible and the probability of obtaining new financing for modern equipment was zero.

Here’s what Rescore America ® accomplished in six months:

  1. Obtained a line of credit for company up to $1,000,000.00 on receivables.
  2. Established an excellent personal credit rating for their principals through our sister company.
  3. Negotiated all legal and accounting invoices to a savings of $50,000.00.
  4. Negotiated several vendors by agreement to delete all penalties and interest if a deadline was met for bringing down past balances contingent that current invoices would be met within the 30-day agreement. In many cases we adjusted the future payment schedule to a 45-day payment arrangement by invoice only (not statement).  This accounting process was praised by our client and several vendors.  The client’s credit rating was essentially re-established.
  5. Total savings to company on negotiations was in excess of $250,000.00.
  6. At the end of six months, this company had less than $100,000.00 in debt to creditors with over $150,000.00 in a reserve account. These are facts based upon a real negotiation process wherein we held a power of attorney on all aspects of the corporate restructuring.


There is no aspect of financial negotiations we cannot handle professionally.

There are several additional cases we could publish, but we honor our confidentiality agreement and will only use cases we can affirm with the extensive details of a business workout.


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