“Rescore America ® Corporation has vast experience in debt collections and the mitigation process of obtaining a fair settlement on all types of collections in construction and other collections that are deemed non-consumer.  Collections will be posted on our website or our corporate blog.  A separate contract will be submitted on any collection(s) we undertake on behalf of commercial vendors.  We understand most importantly that a good commercial credit rating is important for any business, and that factor alone is what separates us from the thousands of commercial collection agencies that exist in the United States.


Submit all collections of your company and we are ascertain if the collections is collectible based upon the laws of your incorporating state or the state of the creditor.  Since the collections are commercial in nature, the Fair Debt Collection Practices will not apply.

We will be properly licensed if applicable for the state where the collection is being enforced, unless we acquire the ownership rights.  We may need to be licensed as a “debt buyer” in some states, and we foresee a time where commercial collection licensing will be a compliant issue.  We are in continuous communication with a compliance-related company that will build out any licensing requirement and will work within state(s) and federal laws where deemed necessary.




















  1. There will be an agreed upon contract between the parties.
  2. We will agree on either an agreed upon percentage or outright purchase of collections.
  3. We will blog all collections on our websites on each collection until resolutions.



A claim should be acknowledged the day it is received to assure the forwarder that the item has been accepted for collection. Failure or delay in acknowledging the claim may call into question the receiver’s right to compensation for payments received prior to acknowledgment. Once a claim is acknowledged and demand has been made upon the debtor, the receiver is entitled to commissions whether the payment is sent to the receiver, the forwarder, or the client directly.

Rescore America ® will forward all settlement compensation to vendor by bank wire transfer.  There is no delay in compensation to our vendors.


After the claim has been indexed and a file opened, a demand letter is sent to the debtor informing him of Rescore America Corporation employment to collect the account. Concurrently with or immediately following this step, we will contact the debtor by telephone to request payment in full or determine the debtor’s intent to pay.  Sometimes in addition to the telephone call, it may be feasible and desirable for someone from our office to personally call upon the debtor for collection of the claim and for an on-site inspection of the business and assets (inventory, fixtures, equipment, machinery and motor vehicles). If payment is not obtained, this visit will help us determine the feasibility of legal action and may guide the client with respect to the outlay of court costs and lawsuit fees (if recommended).


If the debtor claims a dispute, all of the facts should be ascertained in detail and sent to the forwarder for further advice and instruction. If there is only a partial dispute, it is considered good practice to request the undisputed portion of the account be paid promptly. Failure of the debtor to pay the uncontested amount may indicate financial difficulties.  In the event the debtor insists upon a return of all or a portion of the merchandise received, it is necessary to determine from the forwarder whether the return will be accepted and, if so, what form of credit shall be granted.  When a client allows a credit for the return of merchandise, the receiver may be expected to reduce the fee below that normally earned on money collections. This situation should be covered by the forwarding contract.


We are familiar with the applicable provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code and his particular state’s adaptation of same relating to the transaction.  If payment is not immediately arranged, an attempt should be made to obtain a written acknowledgment of the obligation from the debtor. If suit is anticipated, the initial interview should be conducted in a fashion that will elicit as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Legal composition and names of principals;
  2. Confirm address (or addresses) at which service may be made;
  3. Banking connection;
  4. It may be important to determine, in advance, if there are security interests or other encumbrances.

If payment is not immediately made or is delayed, then it is important to determine the present financial condition of the debtor. For example, are other creditors also pressing for payment? Is the debtor just temporarily short of cash and, if so, determine the reason. Data that might be considered in justification of any extension or to ultimately assist in enforcing collection of a judgment may be any of the following: Does the debtor own real estate, and if so, is it subject to mortgages or other encumbrances? Inquire as to the debtor’s assets, including automobiles, inventory, equipment, fixtures or accounts receivable and whether they have been pledged as collateral to secure any obligation. Are there security agreements, tax liens, pending suits, or judgments? The answers to these questions help in determining the basis for granting an extension or for recommending suit.

The maintenance of a friendly atmosphere during this initial conversation is highly desirable and recommended. The purpose of the interview is to collect the debt not to prove a point. It has generally been experienced that it is difficult to collect from a debtor by attempting to prove that he is guilty of wrongdoing.

When discussing a schedule of payments with the debtor, we will always attempt to secure definite amounts and specific payment dates. Rescore America ® will not accept post-dated checks on any collection process as a matter of corporate policy.

Remember, however, generally the only authorization received from the client at the time of the initial interview with the debtor is to accept payment in full. There is no inherent right or implied authority to accept partial payment regardless of payment amount. We will learn the circumstances and type of payment schedules to demand of debtors and to recommend to clients. In all instances where payment schedules are proposed, a recommendation should be made to the client based on the financial facts and figures submitted by the debtor and developed by the attorney. Rescore America ® will be careful in conversation with the debtor, indicating that he will recommend, but is unable to guarantee, that his client accept any specific arrangement. If the debtor indicates payment only a portion of the claim at the present time, we will attempt to determine the source of the funds from which the balance will be paid.

As a vendor, it is our experience that a settlement is always the best remedy.  The use of attorneys through lawsuits may be necessary, but this process extends a potential remedy that could takes months if not years.  Remember, Rescore America ® is in the credit rating and credit building business for American small businesses.  There are millions of small businesses in this country where their owners suffered through a horrific recession and want to come back to a respectable solution to financial matters.  That’s why Rescore America ® should be your primary source to handle your collection inventory.

“RESCORE AMERICA ® is a commercial debt purchaser that will retain legal counsel to collect on debts owed to us if necessary.  We understand the importance of credit and will help those in the commercial area to not only mitigate out of debt, but to restore a commercial credit rating with a system that works.”