$599.00 + $99.00 a month on 1 year contract.

$499.00 + $99.00 a month on 1 year contract.

$399.00 + $99.00 a month on 1 year contract.

You will find the services of Rescore America to be not only an alternative to Dunn & Bradstreet, Experian Business Services and multiple commercial rating services, but a service that will enhance all of your business credit standings.  Our hands-on approach essentially make us an extension to your business with an aggressive program implemented to show the business community your true standing.


An application will be completed with all pertinent information regarding your company including (but not limited to) the following:

*Name of Business.

*State where business is established as a corporation or limited liability company.

*Employee Identification Number

*A listing of all business merchants where you have obtained credit and currently maintain a line of credit.  We will make contact with your vendors, wholesalers and retailers with a credit reporting program that we will ascertain if a different payment arrangement would be to the advantage of your business based upon the risk factor of your operation.

A Rescore America number will be assigned to your membership by RSA.

Dunn & Bradstreet would, through their business credit builder program, request that you apply to companies that comply with their program.  We will offer the credit reporting process free of charge to all of your vendors.  We use reasonable measures with all vendors and show how Rescore America and their members take the credit reporting process serious.  Your business is not penalized for years for paying late on invoices.  We will make every attempt with your vendors, wholesalers and retailers to restructure your payment arrangements to work within the risk factor of your business and the industry you it works in.  Our motto says it all “From Credit to Credibility”